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Welcome to Phoenix Entertainment English Forum !

In order to keep this forum safe and fun for everyone please read to the following rules at all times when present on this forum.

Do not use usernames, signatures or avatars that:
Do not write private messages and/or e-mails that:
Do not create threads or contributions that:

  • Include spam or advertisements.
  • Are racist or hateful.
  • Are hostile, vulgar, excessively violent or contains excessive language.
  • Are illegal.
  • Are sexually orientated.
  • Link to or reference hacks or hack websites.
  • Hijack or maliciously affect users' computers.
  • Labels others as cheaters/boosters. "Naming & shaming" is not welcomed.

General Rules:

  • This site supports English only. Please only use English. If English is not your language, please use a translator or if you're french, go to the french forum.
  • Users are allowed one account. Multiple accounts will be banned.
  • Do not impersonate Phoenix staff. This includes the use of admin avatars and/or names.
  • Private messages are private so do not publicly post content from PMs. If you need to report a PM the functionality is there to do so.
  • Signatures are included in your posts.
  • Cheating/Hacking threads are not allowed. This is to prevent arguments and threads on these topics will be deleted without notice. Repeat posters may receive warnings/bans.
  • Threads addressed to people are not to be created. Use the Private Message system to contact people.
  • NB: Terms of Service rules may also be applicable.

These rules will be enforced at moderators' discretion and are subject to change.
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