Hi, I downloaded your mod and really want to use it in all it's glory but I think I ran into a problem.

First of all I want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to this and other mod projects you are doing, and hope all the feedback you are receiving let you know how much gamers and franchise fans like myself appreciate your labor.

I've been using other Homeworld 2 mods, and encountered "atioglxx.dll" issue after my graphic card driver updated. I searched and found the "Doom3BFGFix" solution. I copied the atioglxx.dll on the proper directory and everything worked fined. But after I installed the Stargate Space Conflict mod, I got the startup crash again, and the error log said it was "an Access Violation in module atioglxx.dll".

I tried reinstalling Homeworld 2, using different versions of the atioglxx.dll, and even uninstalling my current video drivers and installing an older one to see if it would work, with no luck.

Then I started thinking about the two files I copied of the opengl technology for this mod. When I erased both files, the game, and the mod, finally started running.

I tried it, and like it very much, but it ran a bit slow, which I thought would be normal considering all the amazing models, textures, and graphic power it would need to run properly, but all the ships look "blocky" and not nearly as espectacular as the images you've been posting in Moddb, so it shouldn't run so slow. Other mods look way better and don't drag the performance of the game.

So I was wondering if the perfomance problem is normal, but it should look better, if any of those issues has anything to do with the fact that the mod is running without the "opengl32.dll", and why the game/mod crashes if that file is copied in the "release" directory and the logs refer to the crash as an "atioglxx.dll" error.

P.D.: I have an i5 3470 8gb ddr3 ram and an AMD Radeon HD 7850

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