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So I started playing the mod and it worked perfectly. After the first round ended I decided to play more. I chose "Council" and the map "Mars" the game loaded all was ok until i tried moving the camera. Every movement has a 6-7 second (sometimes even more) delay on it making the game impossible to play. This isn't a FPS issue because I checked using FRAPS and I got about 400-500 FPS so there is that. I tried reistalling both the game and the mod and it did not fix the problem. I also tried a couple of compatibility modes such as Windows 7, Windows XP(Service Pack 3) and the problem was still there. At all times I was running the game as an Adimnistrator. Also it should be noted that I am running Window 8.1 for further spec info please contact me.

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Is VSync activated ? You have to check the box in Options menu.

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