A member from Stargate Network, our partner, decided to steal everything that the team made. (Source code, models, materials, textures and so on...). We wanted our community to be aware of a such situation.

This member claims that everything is made by him... it's purely wrong.
With illegal methods, he found a way to copy the whole source code and the last content made some weeks ago (he left the team one year ago). Without problem, he was able to keep an instant access to their whole database. At Phoenix Interactive, we do not respect a such person. It's pathetic.
Stargate Network is our partner for ages now and the fact that they are going down just because someone decided to steal everything they made is lamentable. The same person decided as well to claim a "Copyright" on the team free products. Can you believe it? They're working on something while another person is stealing it to claim as their own.

You have to comprehend that this old developer is stealing everything and by everything we mean the whole content, without limitation. Of course, he made few models and textures over the past for SGN but he signed a contract that guarantees a termination right. The odds aren't in his favor. In such case, the few content he made for the team does not belong to him anymore. But, he's not stealing only his old work. He's stealing everything! The whole content made by other developers. Why? Because he decided in February to start a new project, called Stargate Genesis.

And we can’t wait to see what you’ll do with it. We invite every people reading this news to report, dislike and/or comment where the project is presented (YouTube, Facebook and so on...). We're sure you will understand this situation.

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Post Heru-Ur   on March 13th 2014, 9:50 am 

Who is this? And where is the proof? Shocked Shocked