Phoenix Interactive, including its partners (Tunngle, et wish you an Happy new Year !

Simply Greater

Like every year, Phoenix Interactive aims to promote itself with an advert. The video is dedicated to people who can join Phoenix Interactive to work for mods and games! Stay tuned to 2014 everyone for awesome releases. Please notice that all video content is the exclusive property of the association Phoenix Interactive and/or of its collaborators such as Vendo or PlasmaFLOW. For this video we decided to use the music from the Google 2013 Zeitgeist. The song used can be found at:

A huge thanks

To our respective partners (Tunngle, MassEffectUniverse, for their incredible support they brought to us last year and the one that they will bring this year again. We would like to thank all of our team, for the awesome work they made even with deadlines. And of course, our fans, because without them, we won't be able to persevere.

Simply Greater 2013 - English version

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