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Good evening ladies and gents,
I saw a post on IndieDB by Pheonix Interactive looking for 3D Designers and artists. Well, here I am. Of course, your first questions will be, "Who is this guy? Do I know him? Does he even lift?" Well, to answer all three.
1. My internet alias is Hiralis.
2. You'd love to know me.
3. No. Lifting is for little kids. I leviosa all the way

Okay, all jokes aside.

I'm nearly 16 years old at the time of this post, I've worked for 3 years on the Halo Custom Edition modding engine. I've honed my 3D modelling skills to a point where I've extremely proud of what I can make on my own. But I still can't do a UV Unwrap for crap xD

Of course, if I don't show you, you'd probably assume I'm lying. And so, I present just a fraction of my work.

3D Art Slideshow

So... yea. Enjoy the read, if you guys wanna get in contact with me, don't do it via the site. I'm likely just to post this here, then come back in a week or so.

My contact details:
Skype: guyschulz
Xfire: hiralis
Steam: hiralis
Origin: Hiralis_Aus

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