The second most important part of the release is the mod launcher. It allows you to play the mod without problem as you don't need to edit files, scripts or shortcuts to do it. It's really simple, don't bother. 

You can easily edit your configuration with your resolution. There is a little tab dedicated to this part. Also you will notice that, if your modifications have been updated,  you will enjoy the fact that all of your settings (language, resolutions and so on...) were saved. There is some useful links in the launcher such as our website, our support and so on... This is the best way for you to stay tuned and/or get information about how to download updates, patches and so on... 

There is another important part of our launcher: The fact that it comes with music from our own soundtrack. In fact, there is several random songs from our OST. Anyway, the last important part is the little picture you have at the bottom. It allows you to get the latest information and so on... This is really important for both sides because we can promote something and you can stay tuned without problems. This is certainly the most influential part of our launcher.

Ok everyone,
That was Erayser
Thanks for reading.

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