Despite the importance of creating new content for our mod, sometimes we forget that a lot of parts are still unchanged. Therefore, the adjective "Total-conversion" won't be representative of it.

It is important to create a GUI to be able to open our mods to people who love the whole Mass Effect universe. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the things we put out, and that includes them being able to enjoy every aspect of our mod to give the best experience possible. We're definitely interested in adding further GUI enhancements for the future. Also, our GUI contains an interactive menu, which will be translated. We expect the result will be a fully working mod to give you the best mod out there and the best experience.

Here you have a little video about our in-game interface & GUI.
Enjoy it. The content is subject to change anyway.

If you didn't read the first version of this feature
Click here

 Anyway a lot of people ask us how can you choose your language ? Is this working with this new GUI? Despite the fact that it requires a lot of scripting, you will be able to choose your language with the mod launcher just by choosing your language. If you are British, for example, you just need to select "English" when you run the setup and so on... Your properties are saved the first time you launch the mod. Therefore you won't need anymore to change your language with the Launcher. More information are available with the Launcher feature. 

Ok everyone,
That was Erayser
Thanks for reading.

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