At Phoenix Interactive, we decided to have our own soundtrack because it allows us to be "different". We don't say "We're better than others" because a lot of mods have the same ideas than us but a such feature lets us to attract other people who like to hear new musics related to their favorite games and series for example.

In such case, we are "independents" towards the default soundtrack of our inspiration (we didn't use the Mass Effect soundtrack for our mod). Therefore, we have different musics with two different tones: 

- The first one represents all building steps (calm steps, no battle).
- The second represents all battles.

Why ? Because we had to create calm and battle musics. It was a challenge for us because it requires more time to create a such soundtrack and we all know that our time is limited. 
Anyway, you've asked us if we plan to release the soundtrack ? Of course, we plan to do it but in 2014. However, you may notice that we've been in collaboration with Gavin Dunne (MiracleOfSound on YouTube). He's the composer, writer and performer of our mod's credits. This song is not free because he doesn't want it to be released freely. Therefore, we plan to give you the link to buy the track (1$ only). 

Here you have a video about one of our song
There is more than one preview of our OST on YouTube.