Hello everyone,
We're sorry to write the following news. Indeed, we have to announce officially that we are delaying the release date for our mod. We're sorry, really. It was a difficult decision to take. I think we have to explain why we delayed our mod. However, we have some gifts for you.

We have our own lives
We can't work all day long at Phoenix Interactive. Phoenix Interactive is a corporation association based in France. All people across the world that work at Phoenix Interactive are volunteers of good will. It means, they are not forced to work everyday for us. Also, every person in our team is a human being, with his proper life and family. Even if we love to consider our team like a whole family regarding to our oneness, we can't be synchronized at the end of the year. 
To be honest, and I admit it without concession, we don't like at all our decision. We just simply don't like it towards our commitment to our fans but we can't do it now. We don't have the time to do it actually because we're on holidays and in two weeks, some of us have their pre-final exams, like me.

Our partners don't want the mod to be released now
At Phoenix Interactive, we respect our partnerships. However, it has come to our attention that Tunngle, one of our major feature and partner, won't be available until the 20th January. For Masseffectuniverse.fr and BioWare.ru it's mostly the same problem. Also, as a partner of Tunngle, they will create adverts, a forum and a whole server (255 slots) for Phoenix Interactive, freely. We can't force Tunngle to create it before the 20th (Phoenix Interactive is an association whereas Tunngle is a company) and we consider our server to be one of the most awaited feature of the mod.

So, what's next ?
We plan to publish the official trailer for Mass Effect Reborn as soon as possible. The later will comes out with the final release date, believe me. Anyway, the delay will allows us to provide a better content, with a special feature as well! A requested one in fact. We can't ttell you actually what kind of feature but... stay tuned for the upcoming days. This feature will be available in English and French and... (Oops, We're giving too much information).

The good part of this news

The whole team apologizes for a such problem. However, to be forgiven, we decided to upload our whole soundtrack with special wallpapers made by our Art Director Thomas "Euderion" Raube. Please notice that our soundtrack wasn't supposed at all to be released to the public but only to our contributors (Not contributors by money, but contributors in terms of constructive criticism, support and so on...). Anyway, the music credits won't be added in the pack because it has been written, composed and performed by Gavin Dunne who wants the song to be bought (1$ US, 1$ CA, 1€, £1). You can buy it by clicking here.

Christmas Gift
We offer some jobs
We'd love to receive feedback from some of you. Therefore, we offer QA\Testing jobs at Phoenix Interactive. You will have to test Mass Effect Reborn and our other mods. Your feedback is really appreciated because we work for the community and we love our work only if you love it. We also offer some translation jobs and consultant jobs. I plan to publish an article soon about it. Feel free to PM me about those jobs :p
Indeed, we need translators to enhance the translation. Germans, Italians, whatever you want! But, we need as well some consultants who know the Mass Effect codex perfectly and who love the whole history. In such case, we will be able to enhance our mod in terms of realism.

You can ask everything you want, we will answer.
However, any rude comment will be deleted without warning.

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