Phoenix Interactive respect your respective languages. Therefore, we are always translating our mod to several languages. However, for Mass Effect Reborn only three languages (English, French, Russian) have a full Audio support.

Despite the importance of making mods available in a variety of languages for gamers across the world, translations are one of the most important parts of a mod.
Therefore, It is important to create translations to be able to open our mods to people who speak other languages, such as English, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish and German. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the things we put out, and that includes them being able to understand the game in their language to give the best experience possible.

We're definitely interested in adding translations to our mods. However, there is only two languages that are fully translated (It means, Text & Audio). For now, the mod contains English, French and Russian audio files whereas other languages which are only translated for their text.

How we proceed ?

Accordingly, to do it, we are working on scripts and sounds, therefore, everything will be translated, including all sounds and voices. Even the trailers are translated !
We expect the result will be a fully working mod, with all sounds and text translated to give you the best mod out there and the best experience. Our translation team is always proud to release the translations. The lead translator, is from Argentina ! And yes, she's certainly one of the most talented translator i've ever met.

Both people ask us how you can choose your language ?

Despite the fact that it requires a lot of scripting, you will be able to choose your language with the setup.exe, with some options. If you are british, for example, you just need to select "English" when you run the setup. Then, the whole installation, including the mod will be in english. However, if you are not english, for example, German (We haven't german sounds yet), you will choose German at the beginning except that the audio files are going to be in english. Accordingly, if people from different languages want to help us to add their language (Audio, Text or both), feel free to PM us.

The lack of translators is all that holds us back. Therefore, everyone can join us to help the mod to be translated.

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