It is important to create a game menu because we want everyone to be able to enjoy the things we put out, and that includes them being able to enjoy the game interface and the game UI to give the best experience possible. Accordingly, to do this, we are working on scripts and backgrounds. 

Here you have a little video about the first menu for Mass Effect Reborn 
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But a lot of people ask us how you can choose your language ? Is this working with this new menu ? 
Despite the fact that it requires a lot of scripting, you will be able to choose your language with the setup.exe, with some options. If you are british, for example, you just need to select "English" when you run the setup. Then, the whole installation, including the mod will be in english. However, if you are not english, for example, German (We haven't german sounds yet), you will choose German at the beginning except that the audio files are going to be in english.

However, the menu is translated to 2 languages, only: French & English.
Why ? Because the buttons are in fact pictures in .ROT

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