Hello everyone,
On today, June 16th 2013, it is my honor  to officially announce the long awaited release date of Mass Effect Reborn ! We made ​​a decision concerning Mass Effect Reborn, that is to say, its content, your expectations, and what we show in the first version. That is why, today, we are pleased to offer you the cinematic trailer of Mass Effect Reborn (With the awesome collaboration of Vendo233, a YouTuber), showing the content (models, textures and sounds made by BioWare & the team).

You should check Vendo's page.

Attention, there is a matter of course when the cinematics showed content is identical to the model, it is still a video made ​​with Cinema 4D. The following insights are demonstrative of what the mod contains but these insights are provided synonymous with real graphics. There is a difference between "Game" and "Film". So in short, this preview gives us a minute to, somehow, make you wait for the release date, the date almost all of you expect.

But anyway, enough talk, here is the teaser

The first version of Mass Effect Reborn will be available in late 2013. Why no day and  month is given? Well, simply because we have no idea of the day of the release, we prefer not to provide a specific day, just to disappoint people if we need to push the release a few days out for any problem. There is indeed always unexpected delays (Move, Bad connection ...). Finally and to reassure skeptics, know that the mod will be a trailer of gameplay. To be exact two trailers.

  • A trailer to announce the final release date (Trailer to be released after the holidays).
  • And a final trailer before the release. This is the launch trailer.

On development, I had the honor to meet my dear friend BloodFleet, co-founder of the mod with me. We relaunched the Moddb page and intensive development of mod.
Finally aware that Quariens are being added.
You can find the status of Moddb.

Again, thanks to Vendo233 !

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